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So as most of you know now that school has started we haven't been on much to update lately. I believe that the last time we updated was two races ago, you can go onto the stats page to check it out if you would like. We unfortunately weren't able to make it to the last race of the season. We were working on the car on Friday night, and started to drain the oil and we heard a clank noise in the bottom of the drain pan, and we found a piece of the timing chain, we had someone look at it and they told us that if we ran there is a possibility of the motor blowing up. We worked pretty late that night to get the motor out to switch to our other motor, however decided to drain the oil out of that one before we put it in, figured that it would be easier and found a piece of the timing chain in the oil as well. Unfortunately there was nothing else left for us to do, Copeland was a little bit upset that he didn't get to race and had to watch everyone else out there racing. Congratulations to Gary Pyszora on his win for the last race of the season, and Alan Pyszora on the Championship.

Next year we hope to be running the #77 Hen House car for a full season going all out for points, and hoping for a championship. Copeland and team was very happy with his limited schedule and rookie year, with a trophy dash win and two a- main event wins! Next year will be an eventful and fun year, Copeland and team are excited to begin getting things ready for the 2009 racing season, he hopes to also be running the legend for a few races in the 2009 season if it is not yet sold.

Copeland does not plan on doing any winter racing, however if anything happens, we will be posting it on here for all of you. Keep coming back and checking up, Copeland is doing well in school this year and will be graduating from Anderson High School in June of 2009. Keep checking up for updates and have a good off season! Hope to see you all at the track!


Sorry for not keeping the website up to date. Working on the car all the time and going to school has made it hard to get on here to add things. Updating every page but this you should be able to figure out what kind of night we had. I just want to thank everyone who has helped me out. With out these people I wouldn't be racing this year.

Come back next week to see all the excitement that goes on this weekend at Shasta Raceway Park. September 20, 2008: This Saturday Night is the 5th Annual Pop Porter Memorial event at Shasta Raceway Park featuring the return of the exciting Bay Cities Racing Association & Washington Midget Racing Association midgets. We'll also be running the Legends of the Pacific, Legends division cars, as well as the Franklin Auto Parts Bombers, Monster Energy Drink Late Models, and the first ever visit of the Inex 600 Racing Thunder Roadsters. Friday Night is open practice from noon to 6pm, cost is $100 per car, no charge for crew, and we'll have a free BBQ after practice.

Copeland Sets Fast Time & Wins!

Copeland sets fast time with a 16.939, the only one in the sixteens! He took third in the trophy dash and fourth in the heat race, knowing that he had to save everything that he has for the main event. Copeland won one from the front already this year, and all of the old guys that have been racing for years were saying that they wanted to see young Copeland win one from the back, so that is what he did. Copeland started fourth row inside and worked his way to the front, being second or third almost the whole race, on the white flag lap Copeland passed Bill Lancaster for the lead, he barley held him off to take the checkered, however Copeland did it. After Copeland took his cool down lap two cars procedeeded to hit him; one right after he stopped on the front stretch, Copeland decided to be the mature one and just let it go being happy with his win. Copeland is a good sport, and if that is how they want to play that is how they can play. Copeland hopes that the next race will calm down and that everyone will race to the best of their abilities and there will be no trouble. He is very thankful for everyone who comes out weekend after weekend to support him, and a big thanks to Lyle Lyndsay.

June 14, 2008 Fair Race Update!

Copeland and crew were excited for the June 14th fair race to be here, expecting a big crowd because the fair was here, and with admission to the fair, the races are free. Copeland would first off like to thank all of the fans that came out to watch. Along with it being fair night, it was also fan appreciation night. Running third all day in practice Copeland and crew weren't sure what to expect knowing that it would later cool down and the track would tighten up. Copeland quailified 3rd with a 17.120, starting front row outside for the trophy dash took a second place finish. Before the trophy dash the United States Army was at the track with a 35 foot United States Flag, they needed 35 people to help carry it out onto the track where the national anthem would be played. Copeland was excited to be a part of that. Going green for the Main event, Copeland was starting third row outside, to hold that position for a couple of laps, Copeland and Bill Lancaster driving the #16 car were going back and fourth fighting for third position, Copeland finally had taken third and it went to a yellow flag, on the restart coming out of turn for Copeland hit the wall with the right front being all bent up and the tire coming off of the rim, Copeland was unfortunatly unable to finish the race. However, Copeland took it in as a lesson learned and something to work on. He and his crew will be working on the car for the next two weeks getting it ready for the June 28 race at Shasta Raceway Park. Copeland hopes to see all of you out at the track! He also wants to thank all of the fans that came out for fair night/fan appreciation night, and it was nice talking to those of you that i got to speak with on the track. Thanks for coming out guys, hope to see you at the next race.

Big thanks to Jeff Penrod of Dennis' Heating & Air, Lyle Lyndsay of The Hen House and Car Owner, Craig Raudman of JDA [even though he was out of town with family and didn't make it to the race], and most of all his dad Ron Copeland of Quality Transmissions, if it wasn't for him Copeland knows that he would not be where he is today. The biggest thanks to his family for supporting him throughout the years.

Shasta Raceway Park

This Saturday Night June 14 is the Annual Shasta District Fair Night at the Races featuring Hornets, Bombers, Modifieds, & Late Models. Pit gate will open at 2pm, practice at 3pm, qualifying at 6pm, racing at 7pm. There will be no heat races for the Bombers, Modifieds, or Late Models instead we will be lining up the cars on the frontstraight and let the fans come out and get up close to the cars, crews, & drivers. Hornets will run their normal program of 2 heats and a main event. The last event of the night will be the first ever powder puff Hornet event. We will also feature the 'Step It Up' Motorcyle thrill show. These will be points races for all divisions except for the powder puff. There is no additional charge for fair patrons to attended the races.

Sunday June 15th bring dad out to the SRP Demolition Derby sponsored by the Hen House Bar in Redding. Pit gate will open at 2 pm. There is no additional charge for fair patrons to attended the derby.

Copeland's Third Race in the Late Model

Copeland getting back in to the #77 Hen House Late Model after driving Buddy Cox's back up legend car, qualified second to Alan Pyszora with the same qualifying time of 16.941, only Copeland went out second so therefore Pyszora takes fast time. Starting second row inside for the trophy dash Copeland took second to Eric Gannon, Copeland started second row outside for the heat race and took a second place finish. Copeland then started fourth row outside for the main event and finished fourth. The main event was exciting with the four fastest cars bumper to bumper taking a lead from the rest of the pack, Bill Lancaster took the win. Copeland and his crew were happy with a fourth place finish, they got to load the car up all in one piece, that is always a good thing. Copeland's next race will be fair weekend at Shasta Raceway Park, June 14, 2008. Copeland is very thankful to family and friends for being there to support him.

Copeland Back in a Legend!

Copeland was asked to practice Buddy Cox's back up legend car to make sure that things were put together right, being third in practice Buddy asked him if he wanted to go ahead and race it. Of course Derek wanted to race, he qualifying first with a 17.871 started second row inside for the trophy dash, and coming out of turn two on the first lap took the lead and never looked back. Copeland then started front row inside, Chad Foster took off too soon to cause a restart, Copeland took the lead, with the lead to be taken from him soon after by Micah Parmer, Copeland took 2nd. Buddy Cox and Howard Hammers, there to help, decided to put it in the trailer after some miscommunication between a few drivers, did not want to take a chance of the back up car getting wrecked. Copeland did great for it being his first time back in a legend since last season, when he took 3 championships from the legend division. Copeland is hoping to get his legend out and run a few races before the season is over. However, will be back in the Hen House #77 Late Model on May 31,2008 at Shasta Raceway Park, in Anderson, CA. He is excited and ready for the third race out.

Copeland Takes the Checkered!

Copeland Takes the Checkered Flag, Winning His First Race In His 2nd Start in the #77 Hen House Late Model!

Derek Copeland being the youngest in the field of nine cars, started front row outside to take the lead in the first lap, and hold the lead for the full 30 lap a-main event. Copeland first thanked Craig Raudman for all of his help on the radio, Copeland knew that if it wasn't for him he might have lost it a few times. Copeland quailifyed 5th with a 17.116, so close to making the trophy dash. Copeland took third in his heat race. Copeland wants to thank all of his sponsers, and special thanks to Craig Raudman, Ron Copeland [dad], Jeff Penrod, and most of all Lyle Lyndsay for giving him this opportunity. Also big thanks to his family that was all there for their support.

Cinco de Mayo at the Hen House

Thanks to everyone that showed up to the Cinco de Mayo party at The Hen House!

Another thanks to the Red Rocks 103.1 & 93.3 for being there and getting the party started, they also handed out tickets for Shasta Raceway Park for two dollars off. Hopefully everyone who recieved those will come out this Saturday, May 10, at Shasta Raceway Park, we will be racing The Hen House Late Model #77, in the Monster Energy Late Model Series. Going to get some more seat time and practice in! Then racing. Racing starts at 6:00pm. Hope to see you all there, and thanks again to everyone that came to the Cinco de Mayo party at The Hen House!

Copeland's Debut Race

Derek Copeland, being the youngest in the field at age 17 did a spectacular job in his first race ever in a Monster Energy Late Model. With no practice before hand Copeland showed up to the track on May 3rd a little nervous and a little scared not knowing what to expect, practiced about 40 laps before qualifying 6th with a 17.850 out of 10 cars. Started second row outside to win the trophy dash! Starting in the same place, second row outside, finished 4th in the first heat race. Being a rookie Copeland should have started in the back of the pack for the A-Main, he instead started fourth row outside, if he wasn't a rookie he would have started third row outside, he however swapped with Bill Lancaster and let him go ahead of him. In the A-Main Copeland ended up finishing 4th. Finishing 4th was something Copeland and his team were very proud of, they were happy to be able to put it in the trailer all in one piece. Copeland was thankful for Steven Gannon, Lyle Linsday, and Craig Raudman to be there to help him set it up and give him good advice on how to handle the car. Derek is also very thankful for his dad being there, and helping out. If it wasn't for him he knows that he wouldn't be where he is today.

Copeland's Late Model will be at the Hen House on May 5, 2008, for the Cinco De Mayo Party, we encourage you to all come out and check it out.

Copeland would like to thank Lyle Lyndsay for this opportunity, and also to his team for all of their work and support. Big thanks to Dennis' Heating and Air, Quality Transmissions, and JDA Enterpises. Copeland also wants to thank his family for all of their support. 

Getting Ready!

Copeland and his dad, Ron Copeland, have been working hard this past week to get the car ready for the first race of the year for Copeland. It will be May 3, 2008 at Shasta Raceway Park. Copeland is really excited and ready to go.

Late Model Ride for 2008

Derek Copeland and his crew have joined up with Lyle Lindsay to run the #77 Hen House Late model at Shasta Raceway Park.

Tuesday morning April 15, 2008, Ron Copeland father/crew chief of Derek Copeland received a phone call from Lyle Lindsay, Lyle told Ron that his car hadn't sold and that he didn't want it to just sit in the garage all season. He then proceeded to tell Ron that if Derek kept his grades up he would let him use and drive his car for the 2008 season. Ron and Derek are both very excited to have this ride for the 2008 season, and plan to make the best of it. Copeland's debut race will be May 3, 2008 at Shasta Raceway Park. Hope to see you all there.


2008 Limited Schedule

Derek Copeland and his racing team will be running a limited schedule in 2008. Derek and his dad, Ron have also joined on Craig Raudman's SRL team, they will be using that as a learning experience towards Copeland's late model he hopes will be ready to run before the 2008 season is over. Copeland decided to not run his outlaw kart in Red Bluff this winter, he instead helped his three cousins who were rookies this year in the outlaw karts. He showed them what a good line to run would be, and helped work on their karts during the week. He gave them advice before the race and was very encouraging. He is very excited to begin the 2008 season, with a good attitude.

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