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2007 Season Recap

Derek's 2007 race season began in February with an invitation to compete for a spot on the Nick Pistone Racing Driver Development Team. Although placing 2nd overall, Nick and his team offered Derek a position if he wanted to bring his car to North Caroina and run the Summer Shoot Out; it was a tough decision, but Derek decided to stay home, in California, and run for a Championship at his home track, Shasta Raceway Park. Derek's parents also agreed to run the Legends touring division, Legends of the Pacific. In March 2007 Derek received an invite to race at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway on the Sunday following the Nextel Cup race; winning the 1st annual Nextel Cup Quarter Mile Legend Race, Derek's season was off to a good start.

The final points race for Shasta Raceway Park and Legends of the Pacific was ran at Shasta Raceway Park on Friday September 21, 2007 breaking his old track record Derek set a new track record of 17.707 and finished 2nd in the main event; wrapping up the Championship at Shasta Raceway Park and the Semi-Pro Division Championship with Legends of the Pacific and finishing 2nd in the overall points for the touring group. Derek also took home the CA State Championship. Derek's final statistics for the 2007 season consist of 22 Top 5's, 28 Top 10's, 8 Fast Times, 2 Track Records, and 5 Main Event Wins.

Derek will be traveling to Las Vegas October 10-13 for the Legend Nationals; if you would be interested in helpling Derek by sponsoring him please visit his guest book and leave your information.

Shasta Raceway Park 9/21/07

Friday's 1st round of Practice

Fastest on the board of the 24 cars that went out was

FRANKIE MARKS- The only one posting a lap in the 17's @ 17.803 on lap 9

2nd fastest was Jo Jo Owens with 18.009

3rd Zach Kavert with 18.047

4th Mackena Bell with 18.060

2nd round of practice=

On Top was the long haul vistor of Zack Zimmerly @ 17.774 on lap 12

2nd was the Home Town Favorite of Micah Parmar @ 17.789 on lap 7

3rd was another Home Town Favorite Derek Copeland @ 17.850 on lap 7

4th was Our youngster Matt Scott @ 17.869 on lap 4

5th was another Home Town Driver Chad Foster @ 17.870 on lap 13

6th Steven Cantrell @ 17.889 on lap 5

7th Jo Jo Owens @ 17.900 on lap 3

8th Home Town Driver Zach Kavert @ 17.915 on lap 4

9th Frankie Marks @ 17.977 on lap 10

10th Home Town Driver John Duckett Jr @ 18.064

As you can see everyone picked up some speed for 2nd round...

3rd Round of Practice-

On Top was Micah Parmar @ 17.617 on lap 2

2nd Matt Scott @ 17.684 on lap 3

3rd Frankie Marks @ 17.727 on lap 12

4th Derek Copeland @ 17.767 on lap 14

5th Zach Kavert @ 17.790 on lap 4

6th Steven Cantrell @ 17.805 on lap 3

7th JoJo Owens @ 17.919 on lap 2

8th Chad Foster @ 17.921 on lap 10

9th Nick Carey @ 17.983 on lap 3

10th John Duckett Jr @ 18.028

They all continued to find more speed in this session....

4th and final Pracitce Session-

On Top was Derek Copeland @ 17.613 on lap 11

2nd Zack Zimmerly @ 17.638 on lap 8

3rd Frankie Marks @ 17.656 on lap 3

4th Matt Scott @ 17.679 on lap 13

5th Zach Kavert @ 17.782 on lap 4

6th Steven Cantrell @ 17.790 on lap 2

7th Nick Carey @ 17.828 on lap 10

8th Chad Foster @ 17.860 on lap 6

9th Dustin Ash @ 17.861 on lap 16

10th Buddy Cox @ 17.891 on lap 10

11th Mark Blevins @ 18.061 on lap 2

Faster yet again...

Qualifying Results-

Fast Time & New Track Record - Derek Copeland @ 17.707 beating his

old record of 17.753.

2-Frankie Marks @ 17.715

3-Micah Parmar @ 17.716

4-Matt Scott @ 17.759

5-Zack Zimmerly @ 17.782

6-Steven Cantrell @ 17.818

7-Randy Fellman @ 17.836

8-Nick Carey @ 17.841

9-Mackena Bell @ 17.880

10-Zach Kavert @ 17.880

11-Rowan Carey @ 17.933

12-Chad Foster @ 18.014

13-Dustin Ash @ 18.014

14-JoJo Owens @ 18.062

15-Mark Blevins @ 18.092

16-Joel Courage @ 18.144

17-John Duckett @ 18.150

18-David Allen @ 18.173

19-Dylan Albiani @ 18.191

20-Buddy Cox @ 18.214

21-Greg Garcia @ 18.238

22-Doug Butler @ 18.446

23-Jessica Walker @ 18.469

24-Keith Clement @ 18.505

25-Jack Humphrey @ 18.613

26-TJ Garrett @ 18.639

27-Willy Davis @ 18.755


Winner- Buddy Cox

2-Keith Clement

3-Willy Davis

4-TJ Garrett

5-Dave Allen

6-Jack Humphrey

7-Dylan Albiani

8-Jessica Walker

9-Doug Butler

Greg Garcia Scratched


Winner- Mark Blevins

2-JoJo Owens

3-Zach Kavert

4-Rowan Carey

5-Joel Courage

6-Chad Foster

7-Mackena Bell

Dustin Ash DNS

John Duckett jr Scratched


Winner-Zack Zimmerly

2-Steven Cantrell

3-Nick Carey

4-Micah Parmar

5-Derek Copeland

6-Matt Scott

7-Frankie Marks

8-Randy Fellman


Winner- Micah Parmar

2-Matt Scott

3-Derek Copeland

4-Frankie Marks

MAIN EVENT RESULTS (These Results may be used as Qualifier)

Winner- Nick Carey - P (Q)

2-Derek Copeland - S

3-Frankie Marks - P

4-Zack Zimmerly - S (Q)

5-Zach Kavert - P

6-Dustin Ash - P

7-Rowan Carey - P

8-Steven Cantrell - S

9-Mackena Bell - P

10-Chad Foster - S

11-Mark Blevins - P

12-Dylan Albiani - S

13-Joel Courage - S

14-Keith Clement - S

15-Willy Davis - M (Q)

16-Jessica Walker - S

17-Dave Allen - M

18-Jack Humphrey - M

19-Micah Parmar - P

20-Buddy Cox - M

21-Matt Scott - S

22-Jo Jo Owens - S

23-Doug Butler - M

24-TJ Garrett - S

25-Randy Fellman - M

Shasta Raceway Park 7/3/07

The Legends had a Great race in Shasta. Green, White, Checkered!

Something we haven't seen to much of this year. And there was a

Beautiful fireworks display after all the races were finished. Non

stop for I believe it was like 20 minutes.

Congratulations to Derek Copeland on his Sweep of the night! And his

new track record... Breaking Zach's March 31, 2007 record of 17.824

down to a 17.753. SHASTA LEGENDS RECORD is a 17.753 held by

Derek Copeland.

Qualifying results were as follows:

1. #24 Derek Copeland 17.753 17.86

2. #96 Micah Parmar 17.987 17.987

3. # 2 Zach Kavert 18.23 18.03

4. #11 Mackena Bell 18.33 18.13

5. #37 Frankie Marks 18.159 18.31

6. #35 Matt Scott 18.40 18.33

7. # 3 Buddy Cox 18.39 18.442

8. #31 Jo Jo 18.57 18.44

9. #32 Joel Courage 18.47 18.52

10. #27 Chad Foster 18.50 18.49

Trophy Dash Results

1. #24 Derek Copeland

2. # 2 Zach Kavert

3. #96 Micah Parmar

4.#11M Mackena Bell

No Heats

25 Lap Main Event Results

1. #24 Derek Copeland

2. # 2 Zach Kavert

3. #37 Frankie Marks

4. #96 Micah Parmar

5. #32 Joel Courage

6. # 3 Buddy Cox

7. #31 Jo Jo Owens

8. #35 Matt Scott

9. #27 Chad Foster

10.#11M Mackena Bell

Good job to all of the drivers!

Lakeport Speedway June 30, 2007

Altamont Raceway - 16 year old Derek Copeland sets new track record. "14.931"

Legends Pacific

Congratulations to our 3 Regional Qualifiers

Pro - Micah Parmar

Semi Pro - Derek Copeland

Masters - Randy Fellman

Way to go you guys! Looking forward to seeing you all at Nationals!

Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Derek Copeland heading into LVMS didn't know what to expect. As they were rolling out for the 8 lap practice they got before the race Copeland had a problem. He thought the steering box was broke and would'nt allow the car to turn freely. Having to force the wheel to turn Copeland wasn't looking forward to the race. Starting 3rd row inside Copeland was on the throttle at the green flag! Going off into turn one he moved to 3rd place, coming out of turn 4 he found him self in 2nd making a move for the lead. Going into turn 1 Copeland was in 2, going into turn 4 Copeland stayed low and took the lead. Leading all but 1 lap Copeland was just glad the race was over.. Later looking at the car they found a broken motor mount so the motor was resting on the steering rod making it hard to turn. Congratualtions to Derek Copeland and his crew!

Ukiah Speedway 2006

Congratulations to David Winchel on his Trophy Dash Win.

And Congratulations to Jeremy Wood our Saturday night Main Event


And Congratulations to Derek Copeland on his first ever Main Event Win

on Sunday night!

Saturday night Jeremy was the clear winner and the race was on behind

him for 2nd place with David Winchel & Frankie Marks. For about the

last 5or so laps Frankie Marks & David Winchel went back & forth and

it was most exciting to watch them 2 but at the line it was David

Winchel who came across with 2nd place, with an ill handling race car

after having taken a hard hit to his left rear knocking it way out of

wack and bending his wheel. A Sunday morning check on the damage

found a bent trailing arm & radius rod & a bent axle. So, it was a

lucky he was able to finish where he did.

Sunday night was a repeat of the same except it found Jeremy Wood out

of the race after taking 2 warm up laps and pulling off to find he had

a broken bolt in his rearend that hold on the radius rod. His crew

scambled to get the car back together to start the race however they

were not able to get it done intime for the green so during the next

caution he was asked to leave the track. Which left the 24 car of

Derek Copeland the young 15 year old from Anderson California up front

with David Winchel & Frankie Marks trying to get by him. However he

was the untouchable one for Sunday's race. And once again it was

Winchel & Marks this time it was Marks who took over 2nd place trying

to get to Copeland but, was unsuccessful.

Congratulations again to Jeremy Wood & Derek Copeland!

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